Kellie – Single Page Stonewalled Calendar



“I’m incredibly nervous”

Luckily my best friend was on hand when we did the shoot to keep me smiling, and Andy was so professional he quickly put me at ease.

When I got the first previews I was overwhelmed, I had never imagined I would be so impressed with pictures of myself. Having lived with social anxiety for over 9 years I was used to being shy and putting myself down. But not any more! I’ve beaten this illness within the last year, and being a part of this calendar is a major milestone for me and a cathartic experience, as I wave goodbye to my fears and my confidence grows.

Initially I agreed to do it because I wondered if i could ever be brave enough to have my photo taken without my clothes on in public; I never imagined how much it would help me and my self esteem. All this coupled with it being for such an amazing cause, for me it’s win-wi